Man must explore, and this is exploration at its greatest

A dream come true.

My thoughts at the age of 14__> How to host a website, where to host, why do I need to pay for it? if there is no owner for it.

At that age, I don't even know how to google.All I was doing is learning and testing how download apps/games on my father's Java mobile(j2me)

As the time moving on I started digging the WWW with my limited resources(Java mobile/2G internet/limited time) and tried to understand the things about it.

I have tried different ways to bring my site online with the limited resources(don't even have a PC) but results did not satisfy me.

And finally, the day arrived when I along with some my friends attended a web designing workshop conducted by StudyOwl a startup, where we learnt the basics to design the site and this is the turn that sharpened my ideas and made my dream come true in the form of